This Christmas Tree Mini Liquor Bottle Holder is a must have for the Holiday season! Put a twist to the 12 Days of Christmas for adults with this one! 


This Christmas Tree Mini Bottle Holder is sold finished or unfinished and perfect for DIY decorating. It comes in 5 parts that fit together perfectly. There is a front facing Christmas tree and one for the back. The back holes are slightly larger than the front holes. There are 2 slits that the stands fit into at the bottom and one small bracket at the top to stabilize the tree. Total dimensions with out the liquor bottles is 15" tall by 8.5" wide and 6" deep (which accounts for the base stand). Depth between the front and back Christmas trees is 3". Assembly is required but not tools are needed. 


This Christmas Tree is made of 3/8" MDF and fits most standard 50 ml square and round mini liquor bottles or mini wine bottles.




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Christmas Tree Mini Liquor / Wine Bottle Holder