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Mosaic House Numbers



Let us help you design and create your own unique home address sign! 

House Number Options:

  • Sign Price - Everyone's sign size will be different. We charge .70 per square inch when making your own DIY address sign. We will help you figure out what will be the best sign size for you. When registering for a class, please select the "House Numbers" Ticket Selection. You will automatically be charged $40 plus tax. This is a down payment and will most likely will result in additional charges. This ticket simply reserves your spot in the class.

  • Frames are an additional $25. If you choose to have a frame, (please see pictures shown above) add an additional 1.5" inches to the length and width of your sign as the frame is 3/4" inch wide. The frame will be attached and unfinished.

What is included?

  • The sign size that you choose will be made of pressure treated plywood that will be sanded and primed for you. This will stand up to the elements. The plywood will be custom cut for your specific dimensions.

  • There will be 4 pilot holes drilled, one in each corner so you can hang your sign. If you would like a different configuration for hanging, please let us know.

  • We will include your house numbers. You are welcome to bring your own should you choose not to use ours, however, this will not lower the cost of your project. 

  • Grout, sealer and "how to" instructions will be included. Grouting will NOT be done at the class since your adhesive has to dry. You can choose from white, tan, gray or black grout. We also have a video on our website to show you how the grouting process is done.

Other Info

  • You are welcome to bring in any embellishments like the starfish shown in the above picture. These are not included. Should you bring in any embellishments, please allow for them in the size of your sign.

  • Please do some research to get some ideas of how you would like to design your house numbers, we will also be glad to help.

  • If you do not finish your project the night of the class, you can bring it to any other class that we offer to finish at no additional charge.

  • Please contact us for any questions or concerns you may have at 904-535-6255 or

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